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How Do I Make A Tablet Device Web site? | Create Your Own Website


Mobile Devices just like the BlackBerry and Iphone setting up a website are becoming ever more popular. Individuals are moving away from the office so that they can be productive.

Mainly because this craze continues it is even more popular for the webmaster or perhaps business to possess a website that may be friendly into a mobile equipment.

It's best to retain those people and maybe actually gain a handful of new one in the process. Website's specifically manufactured for mobile devices do just that. As to why can't mobile phones use the same website as pc's and mac's?

Well the main reason would be that the pages will be way to large. Many websites are manufactured be seen at a 1024x768 resolution or at least 800x600. Well the BlackBerry 8730e has a image resolution of 320x240. It's the comparable of looking at a map through a pinhole.

So what must be done? We need to lower the resolution for the web page . Because we cannot expect 90% of your users that are on PC's to think



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